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New York

Madame Tussauds Museum


The museum opened in the autumn of 2000 and soon gained tremendous popularity with local people and tourists alike. It is situated in a ten-storied building, and its total area covers about eight square kilometers.

The museum contains over 400 wax effigies of well-known persons of this world. Among the Russian celebrities, you can see a figure of Mikhail Gorbachev. However, the preference is given to Hollywood stars depicted in their usual surroundings. It should be noted that this museum – unlike other institutions of the kind – has no fences and shielding glass panes, so anyone can take a picture with any figure they like.

In the ninth storey of the museum you can find an Italian garden. There is also a horror room where famous maniacs and victims of revolutions are gathered. Next to them, there live mysterious ghosts and other frightening characters that can suddenly come alive and scare the visitors. In such surroundings, one would hardly remember that they are only actors in disguise.

Остров Рузвельта


The unusual way of traveling to Roosevelt Island – the cable way – always arises a true storm of emotions in tourists visiting New York.

In the center of New York, between Queens and Manhattan district, the Queens Borough Bridge stretches at a high altitude over Roosevelt Island.

Just going down from the bridge to the island is impossible. In 1957, the decision was made to take away the street railways, which had been there and build the cable way. It was intended to serve as a means of transportation until subway line would be created. Today, the island has its subway station, but the cable way is still operating.

The aerial tramway ride is something similar to flying a plane. Having started off the ground, the carriage is going up quickly. The highest point over the level of East river is achieved when approaching Manhattan – about 76 meters. A particularly impressive view can be seen in the night, with the sea of lights of the grandest city.

Brooklyn Museum


By the size of its collection, Brooklyn Museum is second only to Metropolitan Museum. It was founded in 1895 and is situated next to Park Prospect in a building unique and elegant by its style and structure. The museum area is about 52,000 sqm, and there are over a million and a half exhibits in its collection. Here you can see art objects over 3,000 years old from the Ancient Egypt alongside with works of modern American art. Definitely, special attention in this museum should be paid to the Garden of Memorial Sculptures.

The museum also gives much space to exhibitions of modern art. Anyone can see and enjoy works of such great painters as Takashi Murakami, Patrick Kelly, and Robert Raushenberg.
Since 2000 there is a program specially designed for teenagers which involves schoolchildren to conduct excursions independently during the summer vacations and assist in organization or various events.

Wall Street


If you want to see the symbol of U.S. stock market upon your coming to New York, everyone will show you the way to the famous Wall Street. Do not be surprised at its moderate size. As they say, good things come in small packages.

Here is Manhattan, in the lower part of which Wall Street stretches from Broadway to the East River. At the entrance, there is the most frequently photographed object of the park, the bronze bull. Further on, you can see a statue of George Washington situated next to Federal hall, nearby which there is New York Stock Exchange.

For a hundred years already it has not changed its location and is now considered a historical asset of the United States. The Museum of Financial History is worth visiting – it goes without saying. From various statistical data you can learn that in 2008 Wall Street employed about 200,000 people. Some experts claim that income from Wall Street makes up 22% of the city’s revenues and 10% of its taxes.

New York Central Park


The central park of New York is one of the main sights not only in the city itself or in the USA, but it also enjoys global fame. Every year, over 25 million people visit it. It appears in many movies and TV shows. The park was initially designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Olmsted. At first the park may strike you as a natural creation, but as a matter of fact it was created by human force during many years. For example, the people of New York participated in the competition of 1857 organized to find the best project for design of the landscape park.

Architects of Green-Wood and Mount Auburn did they best to make the National Park landscape look as natural as possible. They have developed a plan according to which one could take a walk around the park, ride a horse there, and use small vehicles meant for entertainment trips around the place. At first the park may strike you as a natural creation, but as a matter of fact it was created by human force during many years. For example, the people of New York participated in the competition of 1857 organized to find the best project for design of the landscape park.

Brighton Beach – a piece of Russian America


Brighton Beach is a New York district situated in the south of Brooklyn. Its population is a little over 350,000 people. If you decided to visit New York you should visit Brighton Beach, the well-known Russian district, without fail. Another hundred years ago it was one of the most promising and luxurious resorts of New York.

Waters of the Atlantic Ocean were still and quiet without waves, the shore was shallow, and the beaches were of golden sand. People could come here to rest, and taking little children along was no problem.
But the year 1930 was a crucial time for the place: the Great Depression came only to be followed by World War Two. Less and less tourist came there and the resort went down in value. Everything which was valued in Brighton beach before now lost its prestige and became cheap and unwanted.

Over time, it became to be settled by Russian immigrants and Brighton Beach came back to life again. Its population speaks with the Russian accent; they often distort English and Russian words creating a new local language of its own. Housing prices have risen again but it’s worth it – living here offers much to enjoy.

Flatiron Skyscraper


Flatiron Skyscraper is the most popular structure shown in many movies and photographs. There are many stories and interesting situations connected with this building. Flatiron has 21 stories and has the total height of 93.6 m. This building is considered one of the brightest embodiments of the idea of a high-riser: it is shaped as a classical column with a clearly outlined foundation, wonderfully decorated stock, and the original top part.

The first four or five stories are characterized by the massive relief of large blocks made of limestone and facing stone. The upper part of the building is distinguished by the hanging indented molding.
At a certain sight angle, the shape of the building is reminiscent of a column and surprises the viewers by demonstrating the essence of a standing tower.

The column-like shape does not suit for skyscrapers 30 to 40 stories high, because the heavy molding made in a classical style seems very awkward and out of place there. Still, this building is a modern and extraordinary architectural object; it needs a constant look to complete the general picture, as there is just no single image for it.

Yankee Stadium


The Yankee stadium was not only the place for a number of baseball matches, but it also hosted other large-scale events such as competitions in American football and soccer, boxing fights, Catholic masses, concerts, speeches of religious preachers, meetings and many others.

At the turn of the century everyone came to realize that the stadium is past reconstruction. After a period of disagreement between the Mayor’s Office of New York and the owners of New York Yankees on the sources of funding, the decision was made to build a new Yankee stadium.

The new structure was built on the other side of the street, with construction works completed in two and a half years. On April 3, 2009 New York Yankees were already playing against Chicago Cubs on the new field. Besides the field and the stands, the Yankee stadium is well-known for excellent attendant infrastructure including fitness centers, training premises, changing rooms and the swimming pool.

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