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Bayfront Park


This is a green area covering 13 ha. The park is a main public center for culture and entertainment. It is where you can find the famous Klipsch Amphitheater admitting about 10,000 spectators, and the Tina Hills Pavilion designed to admit a thousand people. This pavilion is a venue for press conferences, concerts and corporate events.

In the open grounds of Bayfront Park you can see various shows, most of which are free. Besides, acrobats on a swing bar often perform here, and collective yoga classes are held in the alley next to the bay. The green area is planted around with palm trees and oaks, and you can see many sculptures, fountains and monuments there. It is also the starting point for excursions by special Miami tourist buses.

Miami Oceanarium


It is one of the largest and oldest entertainment centers in the USA dedicated to living creatures of the sea. There are large collections of various animals, such as dolphins, killer whales, sea lions, sea-cows, sharks, sea turtles and birds. Every day, the oceanarium features several impressive shows where the sea mammals perform. The killer whale named Lolita has much success with the public.

For fans of outdoor activities, there is the Sharky’s Sky Trail facility. At the height of a three-storied house, there are ropes, pendant bridges and 18 sets of obstacles. After conquering it, visitors can relax at the Reef Aquarium and watch the unhurried live of various tropical fishes.

Miami Children’s Museum


This is an interactive educational center where children learn adult professions through play and get to know cultural peculiarities of the world. The museum complex includes 14 galleries, classrooms, a hall admitting 200 children, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. Here, children can work at a bank office, come aboard a vessel – even though it’s a toy ship – and unload it with the help of pulleys, put on a firefighter’s or a police officer’s uniform, hel people at the 911 emergency line, record their own album, learn how to take care of their pets, or even climb a mountain with real mountaineering equipment.

Besides occupation-choosing games, Miami Children’s Museum also provides classes intended to develop creative abilities in children. They are taught the art of caricature, painting, modeling, ceramics and so on. On Saturday, the museum is open only for children with special needs.

Miami Zoo


It ranks among the top 10 zoos in the USA. Its collection includes about 2,000 animals of 500 species. Most of them are warm-requiring inhabitants of Africa, Asia and Australia. The popular animals include rhinoceroses, elephants, tigers, hippos, lions, chimpanzees, crocodiles, bears and giraffes. All the animals live in spacious state-of-the art aviaries In the territory of the zoo, you will not see any fences but you will find many shadowy nooks for rest.

There are also over 1,200 exotic tree species. The zoo has aviaries with glass tunnels that allow watching animals from pretty close distances. Miami Zoo is quite large in area, and that is why it is not a good idea to walk there. You’d better use a bicycle, the monorail track or a cycle carriage admitting four people.

Fort Jefferson


It is the largest defensive beach facility in the USA. Its construction started in 1846 to last for 30 years but was never finished. To build its walls, 16 million bricks were used, so by far the fort is the largest brick building in this country. Even now, the fortress is in good condition. This is a hexagonal structure with an open ground in the middle. Its huge 15-meter walls have arches in their inside parts.

You can see Fort Jefferson both from inside and outside. In order to do it, you should go round it by the wave breaker. From there, you can enjoy the seaside view and the view of the fort’s walls. The island where the fortress is situated is home to many sea birds and you can see coral reefs in the shallow water.

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